Espresso Lab: the latest products from Fondovalle blend nature, culture and tradition

A visual concept appreciated not only by the large number of visitors who flocked to the Fondovalle stand throughout the week but also by ADI – Associazione per il Disegno Industriale (Association of Industrial Design), which assigned the Espresso Lab the ADI Booth Design Award, created to highlight the exhibition stands that promote companies’ product and brand value within the Cersaie show.



Presenting Homescape, Brit, 2.OUT and the additions to the Komi, Dream, Infinito 2.0 and MyTop ranges, the space was conceived to express tradition, passion and the ability to select the finest raw materials, to be processed with skill to achieve unique products and settings. The more and more refined and sophisticated mixes investigate all contemporary expressions of matter through textures, finishes, and colours, of natural inspiration, blended with an aesthetic tailored to new demands and lifestyles. Small and large sizes dialogue together to form creative combinations that generate reassuring impressions of peace and naturalness. What’s more, large sizes are the perfect basis for creating innovative, constantly fresh furnishing solutions such as tables, bathroom countertops, and even a table football board!

CERSAIE 2022: fresh tastes, creativity and design, with the Fondovalle brand

Everything is ready for the new edition of Cersaie, the international event dedicated to the world of ceramic tiles and bathroom furnishings, to be held at the Bologna Fiere Exhibition Centre from 26 to 30 September 2022. An occasion of fundamental importance for Ceramica Fondovalle, which excels itself in innovation and creativity at this year’s show.


Visitors to stand A254-B261 in hall 25 will be able to discover the new collections in an experiential sequence that recounts the material’s evolution from source of inspiration to finished product.


Beautiful mix and match surfaces, stylistic crossovers, decor tiles and new sizes: to explore this and much more, Ceramica Fondovalle looks forward to welcoming you from 26 to 30 September in hall 25 – stand A254-B261 at the Bologna Fiere Exhibition Centre.


See you there!


Click the link to register and receive your free entrance ticket.


Fuorisalone 2022: Ceramica Fondovalle’s design in the Hybrid Restaurant exhibition

Innovation, audacity and an avant-garde look: these are the concepts underlying the participation of Ceramica Fondovalle at Fuorisalone 2022. Through the partnership with architect Simone Micheli, porcelain stoneware slabs by the Torre Maina company provide the floor coverings of three thematic platforms that recount a new dimension in catering and hospitality within the exhibition context of the “Hybrid Restaurant”, organised for the 2022 edition of Fuorisalone.


On platforms 5, 9 and 11, the Fondovalle Infinito 2.0 collection has been chosen to provide elegant floor coverings for the structures by means of its White Beauty, Sahara Noir and Statuario shades. Inspired by a selection of the finest natural marbles, transformed into stunning porcelain stoneware surfaces with enhanced technical and aesthetic qualities, Infinito 2.0 provides a continuity of shades, tasteful vein patterns and glossy and matt finishes that transform marble as we know it into a versatile product capable of meeting the latest demands of contemporary architecture.


The accurate reproduction of the choicest, most exquisite marbles bestows a special beauty on any type of interior, cladding walls and other features in combination with a variety of materials and furnishings for a new interpretation of spaces, reflecting a revitalised desire for beauty.


Ceramica Fondovalle is waiting you from 7th to 12th June at Officina Ventura 14 – Via Ventura 14 (Ventura Milano Design District). Register here to participate at the event!

Fondovalle announces a highly successful Coverings 2022

After the presentation of important new products, and a turnout of visitors to the stand similar to pre-pandemic editions, Ceramica Fondovalle returned to its Torre Maina headquarters declaring an extremely positive response from the international audience.


Coverings 2022 is the venue that Fondovalle chose to focus the public’s attention on the exclusive preview of the new Upper collection, inspired by the Canaries landscapes, and to preview the expansion of the MyTop range, the selection of large slabs with thicknesses of 12 and 20 millimetres available in furniture complements and in total-look projects.


The new Upper series is presented in four tones, produced with the exclusive Matt&Deep production technology applied in the mixtures that compose the Fondovalle porcelain stoneware: a technological solution that makes the surface extremely opaque, at the same time enhancing the three-dimensional appearance of the graphics and structures.


The nuances of Blue Roma, River Jade and Amazzonite of the Infinito 2.0 series and Basaltina and Atlantic of the Stone Lab series instead form part of the MyTop large slabs selection, expanding the spectrum of possible applications to a wide variety of uses for architectural and interior design projects involving surfaces, sinks and furniture.

Ceramica Fondovalle takes flight in America! - Coverings 2022

Las Vegas Convention Center, stand C7113: Ceramica Fondovalle will be one of the leading companies showcasing their products at Coverings 2022, from 5 to 8 April. The North American exhibition is the ideal stage for Ceramica Fondovalle to present a selection of innovative materials, designed for the constantly changing ceramics market.


Visitors will be able to view and touch the company’s new proposals for design and construction, materials which offer a vast range of interior design applications.


A mix of inspirations, styles and technologies come together in materials of unequalled visual appeal: these are just part of the spectacle Ceramica Fondovalle will be offering its visitors at Coverings 2022!


Ceramica Fondovalle leader on Pole Position

Thanks to sales and marketing director Federico Tusini, the company took centre stage in the programme, recounting many aspects of the Fondovalle “world”.

From the birth of the company to the technological developments that have characterised its progress, the interview highlighted not only the solutions and projects offered by the company but above all its values.

“Thanks to a young, creative and forward-thinking team, we have a wealth of human capital that is one on the company’s greatest strengths,” says Federico Tusini. Our fast and flexible response, together with our ability to provide customised products, which are also the result of a sustainable production process, are what makes Ceramica Fondovalle an innovative company capable that meets the market’s needs.

“Managing a company that offers solutions that make end users happy is the greatest satisfaction”.

Maison d’Art: Fondovalle products as artworks

Visitors, transported into a genuine Maison d’Art, directly explored new approaches to design and construction, enabled by materials that transform into artworks and yet are also tailored to the market’s demands.

A melting pot of trends, daring combinations and hospitality, the Fondovalle stand presented new products that all share a common denominator: colour. In fact, colour is the centre of gravity of the new collections which transformed the display of the new products into artistic canvases for all to admire.

Delicate shades like pink and classical hues like white and beige, alongside bright, distinctive tones of green, made the Maison d’Art an open air gallery of design solutions to cater for every architectural aspiration. To complete the colour range of Fondovalle brand products, the stand also displayed sophisticated decorative tiles that alternated natural pattern effects with semi-geometrical inclusions.

The pathway through this “workshop” opened out new panoramas on contemporary interior design, in line with the latest trends. Daring mixes of colour and shapes, attention to details, avantgarde solutions and sophisticated taste are the ingredients that identify and express the Ceramica Fondovalle Maison d’Art as a place where porcelain stoneware becomes a true art.


Two apparently contrasting factors shape both human life and art: habit and novelty. Habit helps us to classify situations, objects and impressions on the basis of memories of prior experience, but it is the constant search for innovation that really drives our existence.

An eagerness to embrace the new, to think outside the box and to disrupt preconceptions is the key to the creation and interpretation of every solution bearing the Ceramica Fondovalle brand. A tendency which leads the company to present, every year, products that are unique in terms of style, sizes, stylistic language and attention to details.

At Cersaie 2021, Ceramica Fondovalle is preparing to welcome visitors on a stand with an innovative, surprising concept, where materials with antique and contemporary beauty are the real stars of the exhibition space.

A melting pot of trends, daring combinations and hospitality, the Fondovalle stand will present new products that all share a common denominator: colour. In fact, colour is the centre of gravity of the collections which will make their debut at the international show.

Delicate shades like pink and classical hues like white and beige will appear alongside bright, distinctive tones of green, in a variety of colours able to cater for every design aspiration. To complete the colour range of Fondovalle brand products, the stand will also display sophisticated decorative tiles that alternate natural pattern effects with semi-geometrical inclusions.

The innovations do not end with the new colours alone but also comprise upgrades to the sizes and different modes of use of the company’s porcelain stoneware, to meet the market’s most widely varying needs.

Sophisticated styling, solutions of great beauty with high technical standards, a constantly unconventional visual impact: all this and much more awaits you from 27 September to 1 October at the Ceramica Fondovalle stand at the Bologna Fiere Exhibition Centre. See you there!

New Fondovalle creative Lab

“This is the secret of hosting: making your guests feel welcome and at home. If you do it honestly, the rest takes care of itself. A quote from Barbara Hall that sums up the essence of every home and the purpose every home is called upon to serve, namely welcome and host.

Ceramica Fondovalle has embraced this spirit, conveying its message through its newly refurbished spaces, creating a space intended not only to showcase products and the company know-how but also, and above all, offering a setting in which people feel at home. The new Fondovalle “home” features a perfect combination of colours, materials, and sensations, allowing users to explore the ceramic collections and solutions within an attractive, welcoming setting.

From the Pop Art shades at the entrance, echoing Warhol’s vibrant tones, the tour around the “lab” continues, one room after another, with visitors presented with different materials in each setting. Visitor are first of all welcomed into the room that most would consider the heart of a home, the kitchen. Here, light and dark shades accented by decorative details on the walls contribute to the creation of a space in which porcelain stoneware becomes the key design feature, for tiling and furniture items such as tables and worktops made from marble-effect slabs.

The path through the “home” provides visitors with an overview of contemporary interior design and the trends of the moment. A bold mix of colours and forms distinguish the areas dedicated to relaxation, which highlight all the versatility of the Fondovalle products. From floors and walls ranging from neutral tones to vivid colour, which express clear character and identity, the tour moves on to showcase shower trays and washbasins made using superior materials with stunning aesthetics.

Attention to detail, cutting-edge solutions, and a sophisticated mood are the distinctive qualities of the new Fondovalle showroom, a space offering ideas for innovative materials for design projects, where visitors will instantly feel at home.

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