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“This is the secret of hosting: making your guests feel welcome and at home. If you do it honestly, the rest takes care of itself. A quote from Barbara Hall that sums up the essence of every home and the purpose every home is called upon to serve, namely welcome and host.

Ceramica Fondovalle has embraced this spirit, conveying its message through its newly refurbished spaces, creating a space intended not only to showcase products and the company know-how but also, and above all, offering a setting in which people feel at home. The new Fondovalle “home” features a perfect combination of colours, materials, and sensations, allowing users to explore the ceramic collections and solutions within an attractive, welcoming setting.

From the Pop Art shades at the entrance, echoing Warhol’s vibrant tones, the tour around the “lab” continues, one room after another, with visitors presented with different materials in each setting. Visitor are first of all welcomed into the room that most would consider the heart of a home, the kitchen. Here, light and dark shades accented by decorative details on the walls contribute to the creation of a space in which porcelain stoneware becomes the key design feature, for tiling and furniture items such as tables and worktops made from marble-effect slabs.

The path through the “home” provides visitors with an overview of contemporary interior design and the trends of the moment. A bold mix of colours and forms distinguish the areas dedicated to relaxation, which highlight all the versatility of the Fondovalle products. From floors and walls ranging from neutral tones to vivid colour, which express clear character and identity, the tour moves on to showcase shower trays and washbasins made using superior materials with stunning aesthetics.

Attention to detail, cutting-edge solutions, and a sophisticated mood are the distinctive qualities of the new Fondovalle showroom, a space offering ideas for innovative materials for design projects, where visitors will instantly feel at home.